EVERYTHING you need to launch your podcast in just 2 weeks!


  • Fear that you could never actually run a podcast
  • Spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on ads that just aren't converting anymore
  • Struggle to be seen as THE expert in your field
  • Long to build a community of people who are excited to hear what you have to say
  • Launched a podcast but didn't get the views and subscribers or ROI you were hoping for
  • Need to monetize your podcast but have to idea how
  • Want to STOP CHASING LEADS and have them seek you out instead!
I'm so glad you asked! We're not just telling you how to launch your podcast, we're showing you how and giving you the exact action kit we use with our clients to launch, or relaunch, their successful podcasts. With Podcast Launch In A Box you not only get a step-by-step roadmap, but you also get resources to help you through each part of your exciting launch, including:
  •  Monetize your Podcast
  • Know Your Ideal Audience
  • Connect Through Keywords
  • Create A Great Show Title
  • Create Amazing Show Artwork
  • Get Your Podcast Equipment
  • Record High Quality Audio
  • Strategize & Plan Your First Episode
  • Create Your Episode Outline
  • Create A Great Intro And Outro
  • Find the Perfect Podcast Editing Platform
  • Post Your First Episodes
  • Set Up Your Syndication Platform
  • Register With Apple Podcasts
  • ​Create a Posting Calendar For Your Launch Party
  • AND Market Your Podcast on LAUNCH DAY!


"I have a podcast. I've had a podcast for a year & I love doing the interviews. But, guess what? I haven't gotten hardly any listeners, because I have not had a strategy! 

I didn't know how to market it & I didn't know how to monetize it. 
And then I got Podcast Launch In A Box.
Yeah, I already had a podcast, so you might think 
"Why would you buy Podcast Launch In A Box if you already have a podcast?"' 

Well it wasn't going as well as I wanted it to go & I didn't know what to do about it.

After I purchased Podcast Launch In A Box, step by step I learned exactly what I should have been doing all along. 
Like light bulbs, aha moments kept happening! 

So, do you think you should get Podcast Launch In A Box? 
Only if you want to have a successful podcast."

Kathy Goughenour
Expert VA Training
Dare To Leap Podcast


Hi, my name is Josh Wattier.

I am the video creation and marketing expert for Momentum Virtual and I have been doing video creation and relationship marketing since I was 17 years old.

Most of what I know about video and relationship marketing strategy has come through trial and error with my own business, over years and years of experience.

I have also had the opportunity to study podcast management and strategy under Michael Neeley and other podcasting greats. 

My experience as a podcast manager and marketing guru has lead me to work with a wide range of clients including major influencers, coaches, sales leaders, nonprofits and businesses both small and large.

I love podcasts because they help create deep connections with your ideal clients in a way that no other form of communication can!

I want every business owner to be successful in marketing their business, and I know that podcasting is one of the easiest ways to make that happen.

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